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Sensus communis (literally "common sense" in Latin)[edit]

a philosophical term originally used to refer to the perceptual power of binding the inputs of the individual sense organs into a coherent and intelligible representation. The term originates with Aristotle (sensus communis is the Latin translation of Aristotle's κοινὴ αἲσθησις). The term was used by Immanuel Kant in a wider philosophical sense, applying to the whole human race. In the Critique of Judgement he says: "...we must take sensus communis to mean the idea of a sense shared [by us all], i.e., a power to judge that in reflecting takes account (a priori), in our thought, of everyone else's way of presenting, in order as it were to compare our own judgement with human reason in general..." [1]

Cognitive Hygiene for the Global Brain

"A fusion of biology (en-formation), and technology (in-formation)"


CommonTerra is a place for international collaboration focused on researching, documenting, and promoting open, sustainable, peer to peer practices in economics, governance, and culture. This website is our knowledge commons. Learn more...

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COMMONTERRA Special Projects These projects are open and collaborative
PeerPoint The PeerPoint Open P2P Requirements Definition and Design Specification is an evolving, crowdsourced design specification for sovereign computing in the form of a suite of inter-operating peer-to-peer (p2p) applications to include (but not limited to) social networking, real-time project collaboration, content management, distributed database management, voting, trust/reputation metrics, complementary currency, crowdfunding, and others. Participate now
Commons Ontology Discussions about open semantic ontologies, folksonomies, taxonomies, vocabularies, dictionaries, databases, knowledge bases, etc.; Read-Write Web (RWW) data structures and protocols like linked-data and RDF; the tools and resources for using them; and ways the commons/p2p community can collaborate on these issues and technologies. Participate in the discussions here...
Ethical Bazaar An open exchange where users (individuals and organizations alike) can list & match agendas, capabilities, resources, and needs. (Note: This project is vaporware at the moment. Please leave your thoughts or questions here.)
Information Quality Control We desperately need innovation in information quality control if we are to save our planet and ourselves from anthropogenic disaster. It should be a significant part of our global R&D budget, yet at present it is barely on the scientific and political radar. This project is for such innovations.