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The Ethical Bazaar is an open exchange where users (individuals and organizations alike) can list & match agendas, capabilities, resources, and needs.

(Note: This project is vaporware at the moment. Please add appropriate content or leave comments, questions, and suggestions on the discussion/talk page.)

Proposed Crowdfunding Portal[edit]

The Bazaar could aggregate specific crowdfunding efforts that pertain to commons, p2p, eco-social economy, etc. Not to duplicate the crowdfunding platforms but to link to them for the particular crowdfunding projects in our scope of interest.

Existing Project Bazaars[edit]

Imagination for People (I4P)[edit]

Identify and support imaginative social projects. Imagination for People (I4P) is first and foremost a community of citizens from all over the globe who believe that creativity can be used in practical ways to make a positive social impact.

The goal of I4P is twofold:

  • Identify innovative projects from different countries that showcase the extraordinary imagination of citizens. This includes projects being carried out by individual entrepreneurs or communities of enlightened citizens, visionary public organizations and pioneer companies (i.e. the three “Ps” that Imagination for People likes to refer to - People, Public, Private).
  • Support social entrepreneurs as they start up their projects by giving them access to upcoming collaborative tools that will allow them to mobilize a global movement of collective inventiveness.

To achieve its goal, I4P has decided to set up a web-based platform that is very creative, wiki-citizen (collaborative), international (and therefore multilingual), fun and experiential all at the same time.

The beta version of the platform, which was launched at the end of June 2011, brings together the first batch of creative social projects identified by an emerging community. The platform allows people working on projects to dialogue with the I4P community and will soon enable to submit calls for skills, visibility, connections and hardware solutions (open source hardware) at low costs. Disruptive techniques for facilitating collaborative working groups will allow the community to co-construct new “resources” devoted to social innovation (methods, “how-tos”, policy-making and collective challenges).